Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art, an ancient form of combat practised on the tatami from which all the other martial arts stemmed from. Have you ever heard of it? This could be the right time to approach it!

Our coach Marco Bolognini will teach you the necessary first step to learning how to defend yourself from aggressions, through a program that will make you safer in facing a difficult and unforeseen situation.

If you are already expert, we are sure that Marco will help you improve your technique.

coach Marco Bolognini tells us

My name is Marco and I am your self-defence coach, here at Numana Blu Resort.

I am a Ju Jutsu master, the highest recognised degree for Licensed Teachers (qualified to teach children) both with the Japanese Federation and the Italian one (FIJLKAM). I obtained the YON DAN degree (4th degree) with both the Japanese and Italian Federation. Moreover, I am a Licensed Teacher of MGA (Global Self-defence Method) and of IAIDO (the Japanese sword, Katana to be precise).

I am waiting for you!

you can train with Marco Bolognini

 5 - 6:30 pm
 6:30 - 8 pm

Live, love & share your experience

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